Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oddities Abound

Today has been rather strange for me. Not in any large and over whelming way just little things.

I have been having latency issues at work since the 'big move': downloads not finishing, streaming not quite working right and slow file transfers. I assume it was actual load in the line and some traffic would get priority over others. I.E. port 80 traffic(web pages) would take priority over say bittorrent traffic.

This morning, however, I lost all access to my lab for a while. No extranet traffic at all. It cleared up pretty quickly and when it did all those latency issues magically disapeared, as if it was a mistake rather than a intentional traffic shaping.

Earlier in the morning one of my bladecenter's had an issue with a 220v 30a powersupply. I had to reseat the powersupply and the control module before they'd come back on line. THERE WERE NEVER FUCKING UNPLUGGED.

Then over the course of the day two of my testing appliances refused to power up completely unless I plugged a keyboard and monitor into them and watch them boot up.

Just a few minutes ago I caught myself for the 20th time using the touch-pad on my laptop rather than my wireless-mouse. ಠ_ಠ

About an hour ago I got a notification that someone was looking at my okcupid profile which has happened only one other time. I went and looked at the person who was looking at me and I'm pretty sure I know her but never very well. Enough that I should maybe know her name but my brain erased that info infavor of a fun new interesting fact about prions or perhaps a cute kitten with witty text over it.

Guess she just wasn't that memorable.

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