Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What's all this "huh" about?

I am currently drinking a Monster drink called "Rehab" which has "Tea + Lemonade + Energy". The can contains 5% juice. Which is 5% more juice than I generally get from cans. You think juicing a radish is hard, juice a aluminum can.

Speaking of aluminum cans: I remember reading a long time ago reading that the amount of aluminum consumed during can-use could cause Alzheimer. Apparently heavy metal poisoning can build up over time and disrupt nerve communication.

As a charter member of The Internet I think I might be in favor of forgetting some of the things I've seen. In fact, if I live long enough to develop Alzheimer's I think I'll be quite content to spend my days in blissful ignorance.


  1. I love your posts. I love the all over the place, complete random flow of brain waves. It's so great. Love my OHOB.

  2. Thanks OHOB, I love you too crazy person :D