Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hello? Is this thing on? and speaking of ladders.

I'm not a blogger. Even when I was, it was on livejournal and primarily used as a form of communication and not of journalism of any sort.

I find that my way of thinking and organization is unappealing to most people. I'm not sure if it's confusing, infuriating or just plain boring. My guess would be the latter. And since I find public blogging without an audience to be masturbation, an activity that you can do in private just as well (if not better) as publicly, I'm just going to start posting about random crap rather than anything that might actually be on my mind.

Speaking of which.....

For a long period of my early life I thought the word latter was the word ladder used in a different context. The etymology of word seemed as if it could applied to both, if you think of a list of items as set of rungs you climb to reach a conclusion. So for a long time I mistook the words for being the same, it was a ladder conclusion.

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