Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The locking pin is of a non-standard size. Do not use standard pinning.

I was recently taken off of my testosterone injections because my last blood test showed a >1500 ng/ml saturation of TM in my blood. Normal range is below 1250. So I've been off of the injections for over a month and the loss of the hormone has made the insomnia awful. I'm getting by on meds that help with fatigue but it does mean periodically I have to crash and not explore the world.

Specifically, my job. So I am working from home today in hopes that a low-key day will help me in the long run. The good news is that this coincides with the delivery of my new pants. Up until today I have had two public-worthy pair of jeans and that's it. I have literally lost a portion of my clothing. No idea where it went.

This is a special sort of hell to be in though because of the way my frame is shaped. See, most people with a 40 waist have a 32 or more inseam. I do not, I have a 40 waist with a 30 inseam. Both measurements are within the high range of carried men's clothes but not the combination of the two. So, I end up having to go to outlets or order clothes on line.

This trend continues with my feet. I wear an 11 shoe which is also average but I have never had shoes that fit correctly. I destroy most of my shoes because of how wide my feet are. They pull on the shoe in weird ways and cause the shoe to pull from the sole. I recently bought a pair of NewBalance that are 4E wide. Still, they are just under sized. It's small but noticeable. Again, however, I had to order online.

These particularities also extend to my head(over sized), my jacket sizing(wide enough for my shoulders, too short for my arms) and so on.....

I've been to big and tall stores and the trend is the same everything is sort of awkwardly sized for me. It's like all of my genetics expected me to be about 6 inches taller than I am but somewhere along the way my arms and legs just got lazy.

See, this is what happens when you mix Welsh genetics and Indigenous-American DNA.

I do, apparently, have an amazingly straight spine.

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